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Neutering And Spaying Pets – Is It Morally Right?

This was the question posed in a Pets4Homes.co.uk article. Rather than use their influence for the power of good they have simply written a peice to appeal to the lowest common denominator in their audience. Judging by the reactions of the audience on their Face Book page, people do think it comes down to “personal choice”. The reason why we have so many stray and wanted pets in the UK is because too many people think its really up to them whether they spay or neuter their pets.

Here is the concluding paragraph of their article:

So who is right and who is wrong? And how do we decide?

In the end there can be no one coat fits all conclusion. It is very much down to individual conscience. Some will find it impossible to compromise their self imposed moralities whilst others may ask this: If an animal appears to be happy and content, lives without fear or hunger, has recourse to medical attention when ill and if given the choice would not leave its surrogate pack, then the contract between human and animal is surely honoured to the best of our abilities.

Finally to place the modern idea of owning a pet in better context we should not forget that in the beginning it was a mutual agreement between the species, both needing something from the other.

In the case of the wolf (predecessor to today’s dog) it was the human ingenuity and higher success rate in achieving kills. For humans, the wolf’s speed and ferocity was seen as being the equivalent to a new weapon. And so in many ways the partnership is natural and rather than being contrived, has merely extended and developed to take into account the world in which we live today.
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Take Elisabeth who lives in Paisley. She refuses to neuter her cats believeing it’s her choice, and her ‘babies’ will somehow change personalities. It’s this selfish view of pet ownership that’s largely to blame for the millions of unneutered pets and of course the fact that thousands of people make ‘side money’ from the unregistered breeding aniamls.

Pets4Homes this really isn’t good enough. Rather than pander to your audience you should be using your position as a force for good. Its a cop-out of garantuan proportions.

And this is what we are up against:

It’s a personal thing if all vets had to stay inline with everyday ppl’s wages an kept bill’s as low as poss more prob would ave it done ,, I personally don’t ave Either my bitch”s spayed till much later inlife I don’t breed from them either i ave breed in the past but a lot of thrt went into their matings I personally think avin a bitch spayed changes her they age quicker to me. ! I’d NEVER ave a male done unless med probs !! To me takes the male outta the male mks thm bitchy ! Iv never met a dog tht it’s calmed dwn either ! Pups r supposed to be energetic So it really is personal preference..!.. Oh an iv never had an unwanted litter of pups an iv got both. M/female dogs !

We’re no longer in the dark ages. The days of so-called ‘personal choice’ are over. Of course you have to ask why Pets4Homes failed to take this opportunity? No doubt it didn’t want to alienate its core audience.

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