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Cat Adoption Open Days Celia Hammond Animal Trust – Lewisham

CHAT open days for cat adoptions Lewisham branch

CHAT – Celia Hammond Animal Trust do amazing work with feral cats and cats needing new homes and are always right in there campaigning on cat welfare issues. One of the pioneers of the proper rehoming of FiV+ cats they don’t believe FiV cats should be locked away as seems to happen in the US too often. When I lived in London they helped me with a number of waifs and strays, one of which I’ve kept (Rumble). As far as London rescues go they are second to none and work in difficult areas where cat (and dog welfare) isn’t always the top priority of some residents.
So if you live in London and are thinking of adopting a cat or perahps have already adopted from CHAT, please support these 2 open days in July. They really need your support.

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